Propel Digital

In the world digital advancement, we believe acceleration of your idea should happen both online and offline. With our digital acceleration, our objective is to provide you the knowledge and tools you need for you solution in Africa.

Our aim is to have you ‘investor-ready‘. The Digital Acceleration brings to you the relevant online guides, publications and reports that is essential for any entrepreneur. Along with the traditional accelerator rounds – Pre-Accelerator and Accelerator – both of which will complete the targeted suites of support to African Graduates currently in the UK.

Knowledge Corner 📖

It is a great time to be an entrepreneur in Africa and we aim to provide you with the online tools to help you reach your goal. Visit our Knowledge Corner to explore  relevant materials to help you reach your goal!


Pre-Accelerator 🚀

Our Pre-Accelerator program is meant for first-time entrepreneurs, such as university graduates. It is an ideal platform for those early in the startup process – the idea stage.