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A list of articles and publications that are very useful in understanding the African business and entrepreneurial landscape


Arguably the most advantageous aspect developed countries have is the ease of access to vital and useful information regarding their economies. As global business interest in Africa is blossoming, we need, more than ever, vital business information so that new upcoming entrepreneurs can take advantage

Partech Partners’ 2019 African Tech Venture Report

Author(s): Partech Partners
Date: January 2020
Publication Type: Report

The much anticipated Partech Africa Annual Report shows how 2019 was another year of reaching symbolic milestones and smashing records in the dynamic and fast-growing tech investment ecosystem in Africa.

The report, which is the fourth the team has produced, is based on the same methodology as the previous years: it covers equity deals in tech and digital spaces, and funding rounds higher than US$200K.

A Report on Barriers Faced by Returning Global
African Talent & Entrepreneurs

Author(s): AR Abdi
Date: 25 July 2019
Publication Type: Report

This report aims to highlight the difficulties facing “Global African Talents” who aspire to launch their business ideas in Africa, but are currently residing outside the continent (diaspora). The report also sheds light on key issues that could be mitigated to spurt more interest among high-calibre African talents abroad to look towards Africa as a launching pad.

African Venture Funding Landscape 2019

Author(s): AR Abdi
Date: 21 May 2019
Publication Type: Infographic

Data and visual representation of the opportunities provided by a variety of funders, regionally and locally, to African startups and entrepreneurs. On this publication, we focus on Access to Funding.

Map of Africa’s Tech Hub 2019

Author(s): AR Abdi
Date: 6 April 2019
Publication Type: Infographic

As we all know of the few Africa Tech Hub maps floating around, so we at Propel thought about contributing to an update with latest data publicly available. Especially given Africa’s increasingly vibrant and changing startup landscape.

Investing from Abroad

By OEF Research
Author(s): Jay Benson, Victor Odundo Owuor
Date: February 11, 2019
Publication Type: Discussion Paper

Fragile and conflict impacted states often suffer from a severe lack of investment capital for private sector development. Diaspora investors have the potential to play a critical role as frontier investors, providing much needed capital for economic growth and development. This report explores a variety of investment mechanisms and public policies which might help facilitate this important form of investment.