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Propel’s Venture Access is a searchable repository that contains over 3000 funders across the developed and developing world providing funding to African entrepreneurs and startups.

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Here you can search for information on African and global entities that offer capital and value-add support to startups in Africa. The funders are classified according the country they’re active in, the type of entity they are and what kind of of funding the provide.

Who is this for?

  • Founders and future entrepreneurs are who struggle to find fundraising resources on Africa, and those whom are actively looking to fund their ideas or businesses
  • Global African Talent who are interested to launch their ideas Africa

What can I find here?

  • Types of Funding
  • Types of Funders
  • Countries Covered
  • Other Useful Info

The following types of of funding can be searched in the database:

1. Equity
2. Loan
3. Grant

The funders are classified into the following categories:

1. Incubator
2. Crowdfunding
3. Impact Investor
4. Coworking Space
5. Private Equity
6. Angel Investment
7. Foundation
8. Venture Capital
9. Bank
10. Nonprofit
11. Public / Semi-public
12. Microfinance Institution

The data covers 47 African nations:

1. Angola
2. Benin
3. Botswana
4. Burkina Faso
5. Burundi
6. Cabo Verde
7. Cameroon
8. Central African Republic
9. Chad
10. Comoros
11. Côte d’Ivoire
12. Djibouti
13. Egypt
14. Eritrea
15. Ethiopia
16. Gabon
17. Gambia
18. Ghana
19. Guinea
20. Kenya
21. Lesotho
22. Liberia
23. Libya

24. Madagascar
25. Malawi
26. Mali
27. Mauritania
28. Mauritius
29. Morocco
30. Mozambique
31. Namibia
32. Niger
33. Nigeria
34. Rwanda
35. Sao Tome and Principe
36. Senegal
37. Seychelles
38. Sierra Leone
39. Somalia
40. South Africa
41. South Sudan
42. Sudan
43. Togo
44. Tunisia
45. Uganda
46. Zambia
47. Zimbabwe

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