Focus Areas

Our platform’s objective is to boost innovation in addressable African markets, with the aim of reducing the cost of services. By supporting aspiring diaspora of African innovators and first-time entrepreneurs currently in the UK, we believe you could be the founder of Africa’s next unicorn!

Our Rationale

The reasoning behind choosing the following focus areas is because we are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Sustainability is key factor within our assessments. Whether or not businesses can be sustainable is an important question, but while pursuing an entrepreneurial mission, businesses have to also adhere to becoming a participating member of society.

  • African Trade
  • Agritech
  • Fintech
  • Cleantech
  • Edutech
  • Healthtech

African Trade

At present, trade and e-businesses in Africa are facing challenges. However, this will not remain as the status quo for long, as smartphone proliferation increases, data costs decrease and usability improves. Your idea must address the opportunities that this sector provides, (e.g. e-wallets, now commonplace, are an excellent example of bypassing the continent’s challenges around depositing, withdrawing and transferring cash).

Africa represents one of the world’s largest untapped markets. Taking the lead is the success story that of Jumia (Africa’s largest online marketplace) which already has 41000 active merchants in the ecosystem offered over 6.1 million products.


Agritech is still a favoured space for investors, especially given Africa’s diverse agricultural landscape that could reap great potential for an ever growing population.

Your solution will address the needs of the end-user within the agricultural businesses. It will also enable innovative solutions which will aim to integrate small-to-medium farmers into the modern value chain.


Fintech secures the top spot in terms of deal volume and value. In Africa it is the most attractive sector for investors.

Due to the unique economic and demographic characteristics of the region, your idea will touch upon such characteristics. Your innovation should provide solutions to the unbanked and underserved population of the continent, and those with the strong need for financial inclusion.

Cleantech (Recyclable Waste, Renewable Energy, etc.)

Cleantech startups have always been on the rise to combat Africa’s waste problem. Your idea must impact the lives of Africans and with the aim to cash in on what the sector has to offer.

So far the rewards have been big for African startups. We believe that Cleantech is one of the few business ideas that don’t quite require large capital and sourcing of expensive materials. As odd as it may sound, waste is free, and raising millions from it is more or less free money.

Edutech (Edtech)

Your idea must address current challenges within the education sector. This could be (and not restricted to) teaching methods and educational applications. You need to focus on a commercial proposition that is wanted by parents, teachers, institutions, companies or students.


Your idea must address patients, doctors or hospitals in Africa that could become adopters of your digital solution. Africa’s opportunities and challenges are monumental.

As a founder of healthcare startup, you should be able to create new and affordable solutions that are innovative and adaptive, with the potential to disrupt Africa’s health sector.