“I believe Africa’s stories need to be told with the same cutting-edge digital tools that other regions harness for much to their own acclaim and achievements. Our bias is towards stories of African innovation in the sense that they too are big ideas that are homegrown and globally scalable.”

– AR Abdi

About Us

Propel is a platform for African graduates and diaspora youth in the UK to become successful technology entrepreneurs in their respective homelands in Africa.

The aim is to reduce Brain Drain by shaping a new generation of technology entrepreneurs applying, in times of technological change, to solve their society’s challenges and take advantage new opportunities in their countries.

Our Aim

We want to unleash the power of innovation and entrepreneurship among African youth in the UK by creating an essential platform for widespread technological development.

Through Propel, we will invest in digital entrepreneurship and support the enablement of African diaspora by meeting the needs of nascent, yet talented, entrepreneurs at different stages of growth.

Our Vision

To maximise impact of talented Africans who want to become successful entrepreneurs in their homelands. Enabling them to create jobs and increase competitiveness by using latest innovations and technologies.

Therefore, they become part of a global community of successful entrepreneurs.

How Are We Achieving This?

Propel’s achievement does not only depend on improving capabilities but also the growth prospects of African startup firms and connecting them to the ecosystems that directly support them in Africa.

We will support talented diaspora of future African founders to bring locally-relevant, innovative products to their home markets. This is a key step in achieving equitable access to the opportunities created by the digital economy.

And we do so through our platform’s three mutually-reinforcing approaches:

Funding >> Acceleration >> Spaces


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